Saturday, April 30, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for sailing boats

We have had the best weather in Melbourne this week. Gorgeous sunny mild days :-) So this Saturday I'm grateful for:

* sailing boats - boys and their toys on a beautiful sunny afternoon

* not living next door - a HUGE tree limb fell into their front yard with an almighty crash - freaky!!

* great books - You need to read The Other Life by Ellen Meister - I couldnt put it down. If you like The Time Traveller's Wife, this is sort of like it but more about mothers and daughters. I loved it!!

Check out Maxabella loves for some cheerfulness to end your day :-)


  1. I've ALWAYS wanted one of those beautiful toy boats. I love watching them on the pond at our local park. They look so contented there, side by side.

    Poor neighbours! x

  2. Precious picture of the boys! Living coastal is such a blessing. I can't imagine living away from the water. Also, thank you for the book recommendation. I loved The Time Traveller's Wife, so I am definately going to check this one out! Thank goodness for books indeed!

  3. Looks wonderful! How did you go with your decision making?

  4. Thanks Bec,

    I loved what you wrote and the link you posted. We've decided to go ahead and make an offer on the house. I can see from what you do that you can do some serious garden in a suburban block (and this one is about 1200m2) so heaps of options :-)
    Now just fingers crossed they accept - but lots of people like it as much as we do.