Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garden Update

Well with ill health, I’ve kind of abandoned our autumn garden (hey who am I kidding, I totally abandoned it to the snail gods for a few weeks LOL). So I’ve made peace with the fact that we only have planted what we have planted.

So our autumn garden consists of:

Peas and snow peas (I cant remember what I planted where)

Plus a bed of Russian purple garlic

I also joined in the Burke’s Backyard winter tomato challenge back in late January. The pic above is of the three seedlings that survived my neglect in the green house (I started off with 7). I’m trying to grow them on a warm concrete bench (in the vain hope that it might be a sort of micro climate during the cooler weather). So far so good – they are growing really well but probably not as advanced as they should be (hmm I was a bit slow moving them out into the sun).

These are more of an experiment since we didn’t have the best tomato growing season in Spring / Summer this year.

But we still have strawberries fruiting all over the place - they seem to positively thrive on neglect :-).

Now I just need to dig over two of our spring / summer beds with compost and manure and then let them rest for Spring. Hopefully an Easter break job but with the weather might be more of a “in a few weeks” job.


  1. I think you are doing great! Our Winter plantings have also gone a bit by the way side (so much for my succession planting plans!) but hope to at least get onions & garlic in... soon!

    Interesting tomato challenge... good luck!

  2. You could rush out and throw in a few carrots, turnips, beetroot....with the full moon's help you could get a great crop still.

  3. Hi Hazel,
    I love the idea of rushing out and throwing a few more things in - the beds look really empty at the moment. I might have another go at carrots :-) and maybe turnips or swedes.

  4. Hi Bec,
    I had high hopes for succession planning too...hmmm have to settle for a bitty baby harvest LOL. Your autumn garden looks fab at the moment.