Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Traditions

And so Easter is nearly upon us again (and isnt the Autumn weather at the moment just gorgeous!!).

Today Little B and I set up our Easter Tableau. We have our little creature shapes and also lots of autumn leaves to celebrate the changing of the seasons. You can also see his little bucket where the Easter Bunny leaves his hat and egg.

I've said in previous years that the focus in our household is not chocolate at Easter (originally because of allergy, and now because we prefer it). For Easter, Little B gets one chocolate egg (home-made), a knitted beanie for winter and a book about Easter. From one set of grandparents, he gets new gumboots for the winter ahead and the other have chosen a series of books, whereby he gets one to add to his collection each year.

Last year's beanie
I love Meagan's recent post about growing grass for the Easter Bunny. I hope implement something like this next year. But for now we will leave him a carrot :-)

We also spend Easter doing other things – lots of family and outdoors time, Little B and Granny B blow and paint real or paper mache eggs and we like to reinforce the change of seasons by playing with him outside in natural settings or working in the veggie garden.
This year we hope to set up his own story / fairy / nature circle with some of the wood left over from the tree that fell down. The leftover wood lends itself to being great natural seats in the garden and Little B is super keen to set one up at Granny B's but we are also putting aside some wood for our new house wherever it may be :-)

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  1. Wonderful traditions, esp. loving the beanie (oh, if only I could do real knitting!). We are doing decorated bunny cookies this year, some Fair Trade chocolate eggs and a roast with the family!