Monday, April 11, 2011


We've been working on a series of collages at the moment. Little B is fascinated by layering, pasting and sticking to create pictures.

 He loves to use sticks, leaves and petals that are constantly falling off our Camellia trees at the moment. But we also picked up some old magazines from my MIL and he has been using them to make pictures of fireworks, people and scenes from Paddington Bear LOL.

At preschool, they made paper mache easter baskets out of patty pans and tissue paper towards the end of term. And Little B loved that it was so similar to how we made paper lanterns last year for Winter Solstice. He also doesnt contain his love of craft to the provided art supplies provided at preschool he's out in their garden using branches, leaves and rocks to create.

Over at Soulemama today, she is showcasing Amelia Critchlow's experimental art course. And I just love the idea of experimental art with young children. It's so exciting for them to explore the world through different products, mediums and items. It's also a way to bring nature and the seasons into the house.

Little B started today collaging but after a trip to the fruit & veg shop, we found autumn leaves on the ground, and then progressed to painting with the autumn leaves all afternoon. He is right into experimenting at the moment especially with his "craft" as he calls it - and I hope this love of art doesnt fade with age.

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