Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Backyard Ovens

Hmm we are still without an oven (long complicated story involving retail stores) but I'm still enjoying the experimentation that it brings. Rather than putting off cooking things as I was, I'm attempting them in the Weber.

We've made muffins, cakes and even tried out our first batch of gluten free bread (still a work in progress). It takes forethought to get the coals going early and getting them nice and hot but well worth the effort.

I read an article in Country Living recently about a family with a wood fired oven and they said "we have no mains power, we chop our wood and I have to start thinking about dinner at 5pm so the stove is hot for cooking and there will also be enough hot water...for baths" (p36, Issue March 2011).

Now I have no intention of solely relying on a wood fired oven as my main cooking source (yet ;-) but love the idea of it as another option in my repertoire.

So I've been eyeing off these books

Drooling at these pictures

and with a new house on our horizon, Mr B and I are contemplating putting in an outside wood fired oven sooner rather than later :-)