Thursday, August 25, 2011

What was I thinking!?!?!?

Do you ever have those days where you end up saying "what was I thinking?". We had one of those days on Tuesday. Driving home late from a doctors appointment where we had to wait for over an hour beforehand, we decided to stop at a local pizza shop to grab some dinner.

We dont do this lightly with all the food allergies in the house but this local pizza place knows us and caters to our needs very well. So we got there had changed hands. That should have been my red flag to get the hell out of there. But they assured me they were operating on the same principles as the previous owners and could help us and I had a cranky hungry 4.5 year old in tow.

So we ordered our super allergy friendly pizza for Little B and me (no dairy, pumpkin base etc) and one gluten free for Granny B & Mr B. Went home and ate our dinner - I felt pretty crummy not long after eating but everyone else was fine. Next day - everyone else was not fine. Hmmm we started thinking ok, there must have been gluten or tomato or dairy - it's a food reaction.

But as the day progressed, I would say Little B and my pizza was an allergy problem (we had usual allergy reactions and coped as best we could). Granny B & Mr B's pizza had serious food poisoning issues. Two days later, Little B and I are totally on the mend. I cant say the same for Granny B and Mr B - while not as sick as yesterday they are not much better either. 

But seriously what was were we thinking !?!?!?!


  1. Oh, no! Hope everyone is better soon. Go & give them a piece of your mind I say!

  2. Yeah,

    I've had a few of these moments since I came off sugar(completely off sugar, all forms). The amount of times I thought "that should be ok" after asking multiple questions when we ate out and then ended up with "that was not ok" symptoms the next day has made me that less likely to eat things I haven't prepared myself.

    I hope that someone has contacted the store as they really need to look at their food handling procedures, particularly if they are professing to be able to create safe gluten free. If they're procedures aren't even good enough to avoid food poisoning there is no way I would trust their gf product to be gf.

    Kind Regards

  3. Oh awful!! Hope you all recover quickly. Better tell them. Sad you've lost a good takeaway place though :(

  4. Hope you guys are all feeling better by now.

    Blog award for you, or are you a no blog award blogger (I usually don't do them, sorry):