Saturday, August 6, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for confidence

I've had one of those weeks that just feel great for no particular reason :-) so this Saturday I'm grateful for:

* the power of confidence - after a very long time, Little B has mastered putting his face under the water at swimming lessons (and subsequently now tries to swim under water). The boost to his self confidence in the pool has breached out into all aspects of his life and to watch it is awe inspiring.

*  imagination - Little B has next to no idea what they are but this is what transformers look like in our house :-)

* the sun - this week was mild and sunny...all week. And I loved every minute of it!! Gosh I cant wait for spring.

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  1. It is fantastic when our little ones grow in confidence before our eyes isn't it? Miss 3 has just become confident enough to attempt swimming and taking a breath. Very proud indeed.

  2. I am hanging out for Spring! After the beautiful week of sunshine I can't wait to have bare feet and sunshine again.
    Popping over form Maxabella's :)

  3. Yay for Little B!
    The sun has finally shone for a few days running here too, though it's still a bit too cold for my liking:)

  4. Go Little B!

    Isn't it amazing when they think they can't and then they can! I love those parenting moments. Joy! x