Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kate Moment

I love Kate's blog, Foxs Lane. And I am especially enjoying her snippets from her caravan adventure around Australia with her family.

The other day I realised I was having a Kate moment. I love her posts on her fun and twirly skirts and yesterday with the sun shining and the weather surprisingly mild and dare I say warmish, I was wearing one of my favourite skirts.

I had a wee twirl and giggle with some of the kids from kindy at drop off. Talked patterns and fabrics with a friend I met in the street. Then as I was enjoying the sunshine in our backyard, I looked down and realised I was having a twirly girly moment.

Thanks Kate :-)


  1. I love her style too! I am def. a boots & stockings kind of gal, but more with a denim skirt... I don't think I can pull off a frilly skirt, though I do love the idea!

  2. You are so welcome! How great are those times when you can let go and twirl. Love 'em. I hope you have the greatest twirliest weekend. x