Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spring Planting

After seeing posts recently about spring gardens by Bec at Eat at Dixibelle's, ecoMILF and Rhonda at Down to Earth, I thought I better plan in earnest what we will be planting this spring. I'd already jotted down a few notes in my garden notebook and had a whole bunch of ideas in my head LOL.

Recently we ordered asparagus crowns for the first time and now we need to get the beds in pronto before they arrive. We are also putting in 2 more veggie beds this year to get better rotation and so I dont feel like I need to tear out winter crops to put spring crops in.

So far my plan for our beds are:

* mary washington asparagus
* snake climbing beans
* scarlet runner beans
* rainbow carrots
* beefsteak tomatoes
* san marzano roma tomatoes
* black beauty eggplants
* black beauty zucchini
* yellow crookneck squash
* muncher lebanese cucumbers
* pumpkins - butternut, queensland blue, jap
* spinach
* lettuce

Little B has been asking to grow some watermelon (but more out of curiosity than an urge to eat them). And I'm also trying potatoes again but this time we are trying potato bags from Green Harvest, since ours have either gotten water logged in the ground or burnt by hot summers in the past. This way I hope we can move them around a bit.

We are expecting lovely sunny weather this weekend, so we will be moving our last apple tree and setting up space for some more blueberry plants and raspberry canes. Hmm fingers crossed my brain and intent arent bigger than my green thumbs :-)

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  1. Hey, I've got Moon & Stars watermelon seeds (and some other miscellaneous type) here I would love to send to Little B... I am not planting watermelons this year!! They just don't get a long enough growing season here, and while look good from the outside, didn't ripen on the inside before frosts came along. Maybe they needed more food? Anyways, email me your address & I'll post them to you: eatatdixiebelles @

    Crookneck squash, so interesting!

    I am tempted to do asparagus, but have not yet created a garden bed just for them, so will hold off. I do have asparagus seeds, so maybe I should just start them & one day they'll be ready and we night have the garden bed by then!!

    Good luck!