Thursday, March 29, 2012

Improvising a Garden

The thing I really miss at the new house is a vegie garden. There’s something so peaceful and enjoyable about getting out for a potter or planning what to plant. I just like being outside and fruitful!!

This is the current vegie garden at the new house, after we dug it out of the overgrown vegetation that was masquerading as a yard. As you can see it is vastly overgrown, with soil that is as hard as rocks. Over Easter I will dig in lots of manure and compost and smother it in pea straw. Then I will leave it to rot down so that I can plant in spring. I also have my fingers crossed that we can add a few more beds before spring too.

I’m lucky in that I obviously still have access to the garden I built at Granny B’s. And so far we have planted there pak choy, peas, snow peas and carrots. Not a variety but I’m not there to hand pick off caterpillars and such on a daily basis so that rules out a lot. I’ve also learnt that you need to plant brussel sprouts in January to be successful so we sooo missed that window LOL.

But it’s not the same as stepping out your back door. Little B also misses being able to watch things grow close at hand, so I have been improvising a temporary vegie garden. Last weekend I fossicked through Granny B’s looking for our stash of pots. Then along with some home grown compost, we planted a mini garden.

Little B got to pick what we planted…so we have planted some peas, spinach, swedes and carrots in these pots. They are in the most perfect sunny position next to our almond tree and will hopefully satisfy our garden urges as we work on our garden during the rest of autumn and winter :-)

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  1. Good luck next Spring... great time to condition the soil. Have you considered a 'green manure' too?

    Hope the little vege pots grow well... I am sure it is hard to not want to just start growing all over your backyard... that's what we did when we moved in here, and could have *ahem* done some more observation & planning first, and got our infrastructure set up first!!