Monday, March 19, 2012

Finding a New Rhythm

Today is the first day since we moved that I really feel like me. After 2 months renovating and then finally moving in, I surprisingly found the move that we were so looking forward to, to be a really tumultuous upheaval. And I actually found it hard to adjust (perhaps because of lingering emotions from the old house?? Who knows??). New budgets, new house…even little things like cooking seemed insurmountable and I felt all out of kilter.

But what was the turning point for today?? Well, don’t you find it funny how some things just seem to occur at a particular time? For example, you get a new car and suddenly you see that make of car everywhere or when you become pregnant, pregnant women come out of the woodwork.

I read this article that Bec had on her Eat at Dixibelle’s blog about “escaping the cult of busyness” and at the same time reading here and here about rhythm within the household. I totally related to feeling unfocussed, struggling and feeling out of sorts and overwhelmed by the simple bits of day to day life. I recognized that I needed some sort of plan for us, to make peace or make sense of our new house and give our final goodbyes figuratively to old times (and old veggie gardens LOL). So, I floundered around for a bit and then wrote down a loose household plan for us. And the dots just all seemed to connect.

Little B has adapted well to the house (ie happy, sleeps well, no nightmares) but we have started seeing a more feisty side to him. Perhaps it’s just the feistiness of being 5, or perhaps he too wasn’t adjusting as well as we thought. Mr B and I thought a nice daily plan would give him some security and the ability to relax a bit.

Today I followed this plan loosely for us and for the first time we’ve found peace and had a happy day together. Sure it helps that it was sunny but we have found a rhythm to work with and we have both been relaxed and happy and energised.

I’ve made a large batch of pear jam, stocked the freezer with banana peach muffins, dried loads of washing out in the sun, and in between we went swimming and jumped ourselves silly on the trampoline. It’s been lovely, productive and feels like we’ve finally come home :-)

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  1. Yay! I am so happy you feel at home now... it's good to have a plan or routine or rhythm, and even when there is a bad day or you feel 'off-balance' you'll be able to get back into your groove easier.