Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Long Weekend

We had some gorgeous weather here over the long weekend. So Mr B and I took full advantage of it.

Mr B began putting together our solar panels on the roof. This is a two-part process for us. We are putting up a 1kw array to start with as we have those panels on hand. But we also have some other panels in a display in South Australia. As soon as that is finished, they will join our current ones to expand this J

I began digging out some of the garden so that we could bring Little B’s outside playthings over from Granny B’s house. After much fiddling around, we managed to get his trampoline down and then back up again at the new house.

Landscaping our yard will be an ongoing process so we’ve adopted some secondhand clamshells to become Little B’s sandpit as they will need to be mobile, to cope with the changes as they occur. But I’ve decided to make the 2nd clamshell a mudpit. Little B adored our mudpit at the old house and is oh so very excited to have another one.

We’ve placed it near a shed and a tap and I aim to put together a little mudpie kitchen for him with leftover building supplies and pavers we found left in the yard.  My latest inspiration have come from these: I love this one and this one and this one. I also love this article about mud play (aka mudpies as an art medium)

I also managed to hem two sets of curtains in two rooms. Less spaces for our naughty kitties to hide and jump out at us. They’ve loved the excess material bunching on the floor.

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