Monday, March 26, 2012

Hard Rubbish Drive Goodies

It’s hard rubbish collection time around here and for the last two weeks people have been putting a plethora of things out on the kerb. It’s a time of year that fills Mr B with glee and after many years together, I’m not adverse to having a good look around either. Granny B is in on the act as well.

The thing I find most surprising is how many people throw out perfectly usable things. Brand new things in some cases and I am so thankful that people trawl this “rubbish” because for it to go straight to landfill is really such a disgrace.

This year we were on the search for a bicycle for me. Little B loves to ride and we want to get out on the local bike paths to ride to preschool and Granny B’s house for starters. Well we had a smorgasbord of choice…we ended up with the 3 bikes above. One is for parts and the other two are for Mr B and I…one is an almost brand new Mongoose missing its chain and the other is a Huffy  that has obviously been used minimally and been left outside.

Our other score was an almost new Victa mower.  Mr B cant resist a good mower on the rubbish drive. He either scavenges them for parts or puts them together to make things like our uber mowing tractor (not so useful at the new house). The only thing wrong with it – its decompression valve was dirty. One wash later, its good as new. The sad thing is it’s original owner probably though broken, threw it on the rubbish drive and headed for Bunnings. I wish more repair skills were around these days which could save so many of these things from the rubbish pile.

They say another man’s trash is another man’s treasure and judging from the throng of people cruising the rubbish piles in the street, it looks like more and more people are reusing “trash”. And I applaud them!!


  1. That's a bit sad, that it all gets taken straight to landfill. At our Waste Management Facility here, they have a 'Tip Shop' that is currently trialling taking people's bulky items (like the stuff that gets left out on curbside pick up days) and sort it out, then sell it, or unsaleable stuff then goes to landfill. I presume when we have Curbside Pick Up's here it goes there too?

  2. Hi Bec,

    Waste is separated (mainly steel, wood, green waste) but they dont have a tip shop so far too much that cannot be recycled goes into landfill. Still far too much if you ask me.