Thursday, March 22, 2012

Local vs Organic

I had a really interesting conversation the other day regarding organic food. I was speaking to some lovely people at a bbq who believed that local food was more important than organic food. In their eyes, they would rather support our local community and economy by buying from farmers that live and grow their produce locally and those csa groups that source locally. It also meant that they went to local markets (not primarily food based) and supported these producers with their custom and as a by product the market itself.

I found their take on it all quite fascinating. I personally have been more interested in organic food but with a focus on local as well. But there is a lot of food that I cannot get from local producers organically. However, if I chose I could get this food locally but not organic.

And so which is best? Local or organic….now I know in ideal world it would be both. But what if that’s not possible? Do you pick the food that is grown a long way away (though still Australian) or the food that is grown virtually on your doorstep. And what if finances are a constraint? Finances are a constraint I think for a lot of people these days, but you still want to make the best and healthiest choices that you can.

I’m not sure I have an answer for this at the moment. For now, I’m supporting our local biodynamic grocer and trying to buy locally grown organic foods, but also trying a hybrid of the two for foods on the clean 15 lists (and hope to grow my own veggies again soon).

So which is more important to you?

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