Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toys du jour

Little B has two favourite toys at the moment, which he plays with daily: dominoes and marbles.

Our days are spent building domino tracks to knock over or blow over. Little B thinks of as many different variations as he can and it's not uncommon to find domino tracks anywhere in the house :-)

He loves marbles just as much. He spends just as much time making marble tracks with his blocks and long offcuts of wood and having "races". All his marbles have names and they compete against each other, often with Mr B or I designated as the commentator.

It's lovely to have these things to cheer him up as the poor little thing has been unfortunate enough to catch the slapped cheek virus. This has us in isolation at home for 4-5 days and has put paid to the rest of our school holiday plans. But with time in the sandpit and garden, and playing with his favourite toys, Little B doesnt seem to have noticed that we cant go to parks or pools as much as we normally do during school holidays.

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