Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keep Calm & Rock On :-)

I had the most gorgeous birthday weekend just gone. I woke up to my gorgeous little boy singing happy birthday to me in bed while having a snuggle. Family phoned, came and visited..much cake was eaten :-) It really was a lovely heartfelt day.

And then I got to spend all Sunday out in the gardening...digging and planting. Think tomatoes, beans, eggplants, pumpkins and zucchinis. I finished up the last of that planting this morning with more pumpkin and zucchini seedlings going in.

See great review on this book here

Looking at my presents was a bit of a giggle...I think I can definitely say people have me pegged as an eco living gardening chicky babe. I got some dramatic fashionable gumboots, some inspirational reading (see above) plus this and this, and a fridge reminder to keep me going amongst it all!!


  1. Happy birthday!!

    Oh my goodness, those boots mean business! I've been wanting something like Hunter boots, and think the short red ones might be a great Christmas present!

    Love all your presents, love the cake eating, and love the singing boy too!

  2. boy now there's some gumboots you could completely wear out of the house no probs at all! (I do with my Croc-ugs... is that bad? LOL)

    I'm trying hard to not buy the book but I really am considering it. Might try it at the library and see.