Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ride to Work Day

"Today over one hundred and fifty thousand Australian workers are expected to join the commuter revolution and ride to work" - Bicycle Victoria 

Mr B decided to take part today in Ride to Work Day - an event instigated by Bicycle Victoria. As part of his job at a large public health organisation, he organised for many staff members who already ride as well as those new to riding to take part as well.


So how did Mr B get to work this morning?? By recumbant trike of course :-) Mr B borrowed a Greenspeed Glyde from a friend to promote this event rather than use his normal everyday bike. This is one cool little machine and stands out in a crowd. 

So last night Mr B and Little B sat inside it for some faux driving. We then watched Mr B do some riding on a small side street. Little B adored it and made me promise when he is big enough that he can graduate from his training wheel bike to one of these LOL. Mr B is a big fan too - he already has the chassis and has it down as a future project (aahh the joys of being married to an engineer and bike/scooter/engine enthusiast).

" So you know the benefits of riding to work (saving money and time, getting fit, staying healthy, green travel…the list goes on), but maybe you don’t know where to start. Ride to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to have a go" - Bicycle Victoria

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