Monday, October 3, 2011

Spring Garden

It has been cold and seriously rainy in Melbourne for the last 4 days. So I didnt quite know what I'd find when I finally ventured out into the garden. Autumn / winter was sort of slow because I didnt plant much other than snowpeas and garlic. So with the warmer weather I've been really gung ho about getting out and planting in the garden.

Our potatoes have had massive growth and are growing so much better for us in these potato bags. Also when the rain got too much we were able to move them under cover on the deck.

Our almond tree is growing it's first almonds this year!! :-)

Shame you cant eat nasturtiums as a meal as we could feast on them LOL

8 of our 10 asparagus plants have taken and grown amazingly well and quickly. This is my first time / year with asparagus and other than some day to day care until they filled up their trenches, I'm impressed daily with them. Not bad considering possums dug up a few in the first weeks and I had to replant and protect the bed with chicken wire.

With all this unseasonal warm weather this spring, I threw caution to the wind and planted out some early tomato plants. And they have been doing really well too. Normally I wouldnt plant much out until Cup Day due to our climate but thought the weather warranted some experimentation. I'm also trying more bush tomatoes this year as they take up less space and they are dotted around the yard in pots. Free's up the vegie beds for other food stuffs.

The thing that has lurved this cold wet weather has been the garlic. Whether its an optical illusion or not, it looks like it grows daily. Yum!! I cant wait to eat our own garlic.

And with lots of lemons on our lemon tree, we've been making bottle loads of lemon cordial.

I've started planting carrots out (rainbows for Little B), and have one more vegie bed that needs digging over which I have ear marked for pumpkins and zucchinis. I'm intent on getting a bigger harvest this year, so am trying to fill up every space available.

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