Saturday, May 14, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for gumboots

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This has been a weird Saturday full of blue skies, rain clouds, rain and who knows what else...but today I'm grateful for:

* gumboots - we've had bucket loads of rain overnight and our world is full of big smoodgie puddles

* washing powder - said puddles proved too tempting and Little B thought a full frontal body slide in a muddy puddle was in order

* good pelvic floor muscles - I nearly wet my pants laughing when I caught sight of a mud monster at the back door...whoops sorry my muddy son. I wish I'd had my camera handy.

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  1. good on you for doing those exercises, they pay off in the end.

    hope you get some drying weather soon.

    have a lovely weekend

    jill x

  2. Ahh how fabulous, nothing like puddle jumping for some true enjoyment of life :)

  3. Oh, so gorgeous. When you're a child, what's not to love about rain and puddles. I'm so glad for my little lad's gumboots, but I couldn't find them this week. But behold, they were hiding in the sandpit. Right down the bottom. At least we have them back again.

    Thanks for your lovely list of lovelies. xx

  4. Mud monsters rock! That's all I have to say! x