Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going retro LOL

After his last preschool bug, Little B has been decidedly off his food. Apparently air and pureed fruit icypoles are food groups of their own :-)

So today we decided to go retro and make.....pumpkin scones!!

I actually found these great to make. And not only did pumpkin go in but the night before I made a swede and brussel sprout puree with a touch of potato to make it white. So this was added with the pumpkin and Little B was none the wiser. And the end result? They taste great and Little B has been eating them for lunch with a bit of soup on the side or a touch of chicken (read: mainly just the scones *sigh*).

But I've decided that next time I'm going to use this scone dough to make scrolls. It's such a beautiful soft dough and since Little B cant eat cheesymite scrolls I thought I might experiment with some vegies, perhaps some chicken and wrap them up into scrolls.

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