Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surfs up :-)

Granny B has jumped on the renovating train and is currently having her old kitchen ripped out and replaced with a new one. So we have moved out into a serviced apartment for the week...which means no internet. So I'm making do with dropping into the library today while Little B is at kindy and having a surf LOL.

It's actually nice living in an apartment for a few days. It's nice and small, there's very little clutter, Little B and I are co-sleeping and we have been making great use of the kitchen. Little B loves the shower over the bath (which he has never seen before) and the last two mornings I have showered with a little boy singing at my feet.

The only big issue I have is the type of chemicals they have obviously used to clean. The place stinks!! That horrible over scented, over chemical smell. Plus I walked out this morning to find them pouring out, rubbing into and vaccuming some kind of deodoriser in the hallway carpets. Puke!! So Little B and I are spending as little time there during the day as we can, and instead are investigating all the local parks, going for big walks and just enjoying the sun when it eventually shows its face.

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