Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I did it :-)

6 weeks, 4 assignments and 4 exams later....I've finally finished my night course with flying colours. 

I always knew that I wanted to work locally when Little B went to school next year, and quite by accident found a job recently 5 minutes from home. It was really too good an opportunity to miss. Only catch, I needed to do an industry course to update my skills. My new boss is a fab lady and will let me work Little B's preschool hours this year and then school hours next year.

The other bonuses are the office is 5 minutes from either of the primary schools I will send Little B to, and the office closes on days of Total Fire Ban (which is a huge bonus when you live in a high bushfire risk area!!).

But I'm mainly proud that I managed 8 hours a week at school, at night (I'm normally so tired at night), finished all my assignments on time and passed my exams and didnt really let the ball drop at home until last week. And last week was a week of sick children, sick mamas and sick papas, and a sick cat - so things were bound to fall over LOL.


  1. Congratulations! That is awesome work, all that study (says she who should probably be studying herself at the moment)! Good luck with the job too...

    Hope you are all feeling better now, even the cat!

  2. Congratulations,

    That is truly great work.

    Kind Regards

  3. Congratulations! What an achievement.