Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oscar's Lunchbox

I came across the most fabulous book yesterday. Oscar's Lunchbox by Pam Houssenloge is a book written especially for children who have food allergies or intolerances (by a mum who has a child with food allergies and intolerances). Most books you find are targeted at kids with nut allergies and / or anaphylaxis, which doesn’t apply in our situation (not that you’d want a picture book about GI bleeding LOL). So it’s great to find a kids book that talks about different food intolerances specifically in easy fun terms (Little B is intolerant to salicylates which means most fruit and vegies).

Reading books to Little B is always hit when either he or we want him to understand something. I used On Your Potty, Little Rabbit by Kathleen Amant to help with toilet training and believe it’s one of the key things that worked for us. I also used Kathleen Amant's book about brushing teeth when Little B didnt like brushing his teeth. Repetition reading helps normalize things.

Little B is at the age where he really notices food differences and he feels left out or different because of his multiple food allergies and his food intolerances. So this book couldn’t come at  a more opportune time plus it talks a lot about treating your body like a race car and putting the right fuel in!! It really couldn't be more appealing for a 4 year old boy :-)


  1. :-)
    It certainly sounds like a great way to tackle a difficult subject. Right now though I know someone who could probably use "on your potty little rabbit" did you find it locally or order online.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Belinda,

    I actually bought it online from Huggies Kids (free delivery) but everyone I've recommended it to has managed to borrow it from their local libray (if that helps).

  3. Thanks,

    I'll mention it to her and offer to see if I can borrow if she can't find it. Her local lib is Springvale and I honestly don't have any idea how much variety they would carry in English.