Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Probiotics and Vitamin D

Probiotics and Vitamin D have made the most amazing difference to our lives in the last few months. Our paed gastro encouraged first the Vitamin D as it boosts the immune system (hence minimizing the bodies allergic response) then probiotics because they re-colonise the gut and boost the guts immune capabilities (ditto above).

We rarely see reflux in Little B now. This in itself is a miracle. Reflux has plagued him since birth, affected his sleep patterns, and made it difficult for him to eat and to feed. If we see it at all, it’s because he has drunk too much water and bent over (so a completely mechanical response). Little B also seems to react less to scent and he has always been overtly sensitive to perfumes / scents etc.

We are also seeing a less instantaneous reaction to some of his allergies. They reaction still comes but is delayed somewhat depending on the form in which he has tried his allergy food. This again is so tremendously exciting for us here at the House of B.

Now in the past I would have been a sceptic, but I have been so blown away by this transformation that I’m now trialling the theory on myself. I’ve suffered from GERD and been on medication for the last 10 years, but since being on Vit D and probiotics, I’ve managed to half the dose of my reflux meds and hope to do so again in 5 days time. I have never been able to do this. I eventually hope to follow in Little B’s tracks and wean myself completely off the meds altogether.

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  1. Oh yay for you!!! This is so great to hear because our family has been through so much with our little boy's severe food allergies and Eczema. His skin was so bad and it was awful for him. It makes me feel so sad when I think back to it all....but thank God, he too has been helped with probiotics. It has been amazing for him. He started taking the Bellyboost kids chewables and he LOVES them! They are cute little purple bumblebees and I really think he feels like he is eating cabdy :) But I love them because they are allergy free and all natural AND THEY WORK!!!

    I have a mommy blog called that I would love for you stop by at! It is all about kids, natural living, Eczema and allergies and general fun wellness stuff!

    I am just truly happy for your family - what great news!