Friday, December 4, 2009

Garden Update

The changeable weather here in Melbourne at the moment has actually really worked in our garden’s favour. Things that were disliking the instant heat at the start of November, have boomed with a bit of rain, cooler weather and the periodic bits of sun.

Our pumpkins are doing so well and our lettuces have finally come good (*dance, dance*). I was starting to think it was all over for the lettuces (all varieties). Our Lebanese cucumber has literally taken off. I’ve never grown one of these before, so am really surprised how quickly they have started growing cucumbers (tiny at present but still there).

But our strawberries aren’t fruiting and I’m stumped. Some friends have told me it could be the changeable weather or the variety (maybe it’s a late fruiter). Anyone have any ideas? The plants are huge and lush with green leaves but no fruit. We didn’t have this problem last year (then the problem was the crows ransacking them and eating all the fruit) so its all new to me.

Edited to add - I spoke to soon. A few days after this post, we had our first strawberries appear. Obviously a late fruiter or the weird weather held them off :-)

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