Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Garden Update

I love our garden at present. We’ve only suffered a little bit of heat damage (wilting the tops of the snow peas) but enough to make me get a move on building some shade cloth covers before the real heat of summer hits here.

Cherry tomatoes abound, lebanese cucumbers are bursting at the seams, and my carrots are churning along. I’m still losing seedlings with monotonous regularity to the evil snail brigade. They’ve killed off most of my pumpkin seedlings, my beloved rockmelon, and all of my baby spinach seedlings (boo hiss!!).

I have also admitted defeat in growing red capsicum from seed. After 4 failed attempts, I think I may have to go looking for some organic seedlings from a local nursery. I had a really successful plant that kept going well in Autumn from a bought seedling last year, so will head down that path again.

But I love that we are eating fresh produce - cucumbers for lunch, carrots with dinner - its all so rewarding :-)


  1. Get Mr B onto plunger coffee - coffee grounds are brilliant for keeping snails away!

  2. Doesnt work for us - they just go straight over it. Only thing that has worked is to pick them off the plants surrounding the raised vegie garden every morning.