Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little B is nearly 3

Last year, the aim of Little B’s birthday was to show our guests the variety of party foods that you could make and have that were allergy friendly. I used the opportunity to show case some really yummy foods (sushi, chocolate crinkle cookies, home made sausage rolls and party pies, chicken nuggets etc).

It was still good fun and little B had a blast driving his “boat” (yellow box) around the floor. There’s irony in that – lots of toys from friends and relatives and Little B liked a box. We still have that box ☺

This year we are having a “real” birthday party for Little B. Little friends, party bags, and fun party food. But again it will be allergy friendly but this time my focus is on ensuring it is environmentally responsible. We had invitations on recycled paper in recycled paper envelopes going out to his friends. I found brilliant party fabric at the op shop and we have made it into party bags. We’ve made our own bunting and I’m currently on the search for some paper lanterns in lieu of balloons (so they can be reused each year). I have made dinosaur shaped cookies and play dough (in recycled plastic containers) as party favours.

All food again is dairy, soy, egg, nut free and lows in sals.

Now we just have to hope for some good weather ☺

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