Sunday, December 6, 2009

Old Crone

Picture from feature pics

I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 15 and after 17 years, finally decided to stop dyeing it a few months ago. Not impressive I hear you say? After all, I’m only 32. BUT the sad fact is I have been going grey since I was 12 due to family genetics (my dad has been silver for as long as I can remember).

So I have been brave and gone cold turkey for the last few months or so. And boy am I grey in the front. I have huge silver sections that are really prominent and noticeable on my crown (if only it would grow in defined sections like Rogue from X-men or Morticia Adams LOL). Plus my lovely mousey brown has gone very very dull.

The good news is that while I have no urge to return to my chemical laden days of colouring my hair I have begun investigating henna. Decisions, decisions – do I go red or brown?? Henna doesn’t actually colour grey hair but it does make the rest of your hair rich and glossy. Something that is very appealing at the moment when my hair is so flat and dull looking.

But I do have to say, though it is dull in colour, my hair has never been better since going no poo. I occasionally wash it with Moo Goo shampoo (which is all nasties free) as a bit of a boost. But it is so clean, and feels great. The best tip I got (from Aussies Living Simply) was to make sure I seriously brush my hair every second day with a bristle brush (100 strokes anyone?? LOL). I had one of these brushes from my super long hair days and it has been resurrected with fantastic results.

Apparently it spreads your natural hair oils throughout your hair. Before this I was still having the odd attack of the greasy’s but now that’s a thing of the past ☺


  1. I also recently gave not dying my hair a go. I have a rather large skunk patch in the front that i'm not very fond of. So the whole idea of going 'natural' didn't last long. I bought some hena- but it sounds a little messy and time consuming to apply so i havn't given it a go yet. I gave up a few weeks ago when feeling rather old and boughht a 'natural' dye from the health food store. It's not totally chemical free - but definately smells far less nasty.

    I'd love to hear how your hena goes. Maybe I should give it a go this week?


  2. Hi Tricia,

    I've heard and seen good pics of henna but it doesnt colour out the greys :-( I'm not too keen on my greys either but am trying to embrace them LOL.

    We're moving this week to the new house and I'll give it a bash once we are unpacked I think.