Sunday, June 19, 2011

Toxic free makeup??

With work has come the need to wear makeup again. Which is fine in itself but I have terribly sensitive skin and have not been able to find something eco, toxic free that suits my skin. So I've been following a sort of no poo method for skin (ie just washing my skin with water and not using moisturiser). It's worked reasonably well but could not remove my Inika mineral foundation powder.

So my favourite cleanser at the moment is oats. Just good old fashioned oats, soaked in water and then mooshed together and gently pressed against my skin. I got this tip from the last Peppermint Magazine and it works amazingly well. I suffer mildy from rosacea and this reduces and calms the redness. It also takes off my makeup...yay!!

But its been a while since I've worn full on makeup (other than going out at night for special occasions - again not high on my to do list). So after reading Sarah Wilson's post on toxin free makeup, I started using Ere Perez Chamomile eye shadow. These are really gentle on your eyes and easy to wash off. I then top it all off with Dr Bronner Naked lip balm.

I also use Coconut Oil as a hand moisturiser and in a pinch a lip balm. Especially with the weather so cold and drying at the moment, I find coconut oil especially great at keeping my skin soft and hydrated.

The only thing I'm still on the hunt for is a good daily moisturiser. I've tried so many different things (Moogoo, jojoba oil, coconut oil to name a few) and I just havent found anything natural, toxin free that I dont react to. I'd love to find something natural to use and have found some books with natural face care recipes to keep trying until I hit the right one :-)


  1. I am still using my 'everyday minerals' make up, which sadly comse from the US & I only started using those because they gave away samples (oh, I succumbed to the freebies!!) but while I don't wear them that often & find they are quite gentle on my sensitive skin. I use a waterproof Ere Perez mascara too, plus Burt's Bees tinted lip balm (Fig is a good neutral, pinky-brown colour) and occasionally a ruby red organic lipstick for dressing up. I like that in my job I can wear no make up at all!

    I bought my husband an Akin 'mens' cleanser & moisturiser for his birthday, which I am using & loving right now! I'd like to try doing the oil cleanse method, but not so sure with my rosacea, if oil is good for that? Maybe I should just give it a go, but right now, my skin is actually in great shape! Might be having been NSAID & alcohol free for surgery??

    Hope the job is going well! Good luck finding a good moisturiser... I find swapping them around every while is good, I guess your skin gets sick of the same thing & a new product or method gives it a boost?

    Hey, how's your back now!? And did you get results yet? Have you developed an addiction to coffee now!!

  2. Hi Bec,

    My back is all good!! But I dont get the results until July :-(

    I was so suprised how much I love the taste of coffee. But no addiction as yet. I'm only having one a week if that. Mr B has a full on coffee addiction so I think one is enough for our family LOL.