Saturday, June 11, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for coffee & chips

I spent most of yesterday in hospital having amongst other things a lumbar puncture. I have to say if you ever need a lumbar puncture, dont be scared or frightened by all the bad press. Does it hurt? Yes and mine took 4 goes BUT I think having a baby hurt more LOL. With another 24 hours of bed rest ahead of me, this Saturday I'm grateful for:

* coffee & red rock chips - caffeine? check. sodium? check. Both to fight off the potential post lumbar puncture migraine (and yes it does work).

 * my comfy bed - replete with flannalette sheets, a pile of books and my resident cat and 4.5 year old

* my loving family - I'm being thoroughly spoilt by my gorgeous husband, my loving mum and my darling little boy. Who can resist being "read" stories to in bed or the whole family squishing in for a gabfest to keep me company.

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  1. this sounds somehow both delightful AND terrifying to me. Glad to hear you are doing okay, despite your hospital stay. Enjoy the rest while you can. A family bed story sounds pretty nice to me too! Gill xo