Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So whats a girl to do...

when she is finally allowed out of bed?? Plant fruit trees of course. With my bed rest over and only a few aches and pains left over from my hospital test, I simply couldnt resist the sunshine :-) Mr B and his trusty post hole digger dug me my required holes and so I planted away.

We now have a dwarf black cherry, an almond tree and a Mariposa plum tree added to our mini orchard. I just need to move our ballerina apples when they finally drop all their leaves.

I'm also waiting on some more half wine barrels to come. Then I can plant some more blueberry plants and our first raspberry canes. I've been inspired by all the luck people seem to have with growing their own raspberries - so hope they will do well here.

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