Saturday, June 18, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for lovely bosses

Do you ever just have weeks that are topsy turvy?? That's been my week LOL. I started my new job this week and as luck would have it, it fell on a week Mr B was away for work. But Little B and I muddled through working out a new rhythm for preschool drop off (I only work when he is at kindy).

So this Saturday I'm grateful for...

* lovely bosses - what can I say, my boss is ace!! She's nice, family friendly, supportive and has given me the best training this week.

* going to bed with Little B - I was so tired my first day of work that I just climbed into bed and slept with Little B when he went to bed on Tuesday night *giggle*. No hubby to worry about, and hey those chores could wait.

* winter solstice - Little B has been preparing his lantern all week and tonight we are off to the winter solstice lantern parade. I get to watch my lovely belly dance teacher and fellow students perform tonight at the same event and I cant wait!!

Check out Maxabella loves for more grateful goodness...


  1. it surely does help when work is understanding. Even though my job does tend to do my head in at times, the flexibility for my family is hard to pass up.

    I two followed my kids to bed one night this week, way too tired.

  2. Hello, lovely to read this, and to find you through Maxabella's post...