Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh oh...I think I'm addicted

to sewing :-) Have only had 2 dressmaking classes so far but can say with utmost honesty that I’m hooked and thoroughly addicted. I’ve always dabbled a little bit in sewing but basically homewares-y stuff. With the most adventurous thing being some really basic curtains for our old house.

So I love learning all about adjusting patterns and how to make a skirt (which is the main project for this series of classes). It’s all about darts and zips and lengthening or shortening the skirt based on what you like. But my mind has already jumped ahead to all the other things I want to make for myself and Little B. It’s already delving into Granny B’s fabric and pattern stash to see what I can create.

I can see that there is no way I will be waiting until the end of this course before beginning another project or two. I already have my eye on some groovy summer pants for Little B and a few tops for me! We are going away at the end of November and I want to have these things finished by then.

Another bonus is that my SIL is giving me her sewing machine. She lives overseas and couldn’t take it with her, so it’s been in storage at my MIL’s. So I will have that one as well as Granny B’s whizz bang modern one to try my hand at.

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  1. I have to say I would love to do a proper dress making course. There really is nothing quite like clothes that fit well.

    Kind Regards