Monday, October 25, 2010

Garden Update

Lovely, lovely beans

We’ve been having rather topsy turvy weather at the moment. The week starts as spring but by the end of the week, we end up mired back in winter. Brrr…I am so over the cold and yearning for more warmth and sunshine.

We have slowed our planting in line with the weather. Our snow peas are peaking through the earth and the rest of the beans are soldiering along. The majority of our seedlings will be ready for pickup in a few weeks and I cant wait to plant them.
Lebanese Cucumbers

We have quite a short growing season here so need to make the most of the time available to us. I have transplanted a few of our seedlings from pots into the ground. I’m probably about 2 weeks too early but thought I’d bung them in anyway.
Dwarf Peaches

We have 7 peaches on our dwarf peach tree this year (YAY!) which is so much better than last year when we had 1. Our dwarf nectarine is fruiting as well, only about 4 at this count. I’m also waiting to see if our dwarf apple (Pinkabelle) will do anything this year…fingers crossed :-)

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