Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Budding Artist

Little B has always liked to do craft as he calls it. He loves to cut and paste, do a spot of drawing and often comes home from kindy with copious arts and crafts projects. The latest being an incubator for chickens (made out of corks) and some solar panels (hmm wonder where he’s learning that from, Mr B?).

Now out of the blue, Little B has become obsessed with painting. Some days we spend the entire day painting – in different mediums, different textures and in different locations.

We’ve painted leaves, shapes, draped wool through paint to make patterns, finger painted, tried big brushes and small brushes. A current fave is to use cotton buds to paint, which was a tip from an arty friend (which dry out magnificently for re-use FYI). I have to say I’m running out of ideas but Little B’s enthusiasm doesn’t wane.

In a local crafty shop yesterday, I seriously contemplated some pastel paint sticks. Which on one hand seems over the top for a not quite 4 year old, but then again I’m all for encouraging passion and interests when they flare.

Anyways, it’s a great way to entertain him and enjoy his enthusiasm. A budding artist? Maybe…a happy pre-schooler? Definitely!!

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