Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Essential Things

Sarah Wilson posted her 10 Essentials and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and post mine :-)

1. What I wear: I inhabit jeans, love my pj pants, and adore long earrings, hats & scarves. Nothing completes an outfit like long earrings or a hat (or both LOL)

2. What I eat: bananas smoothies, blueberries & vegie soups

3. Favourite uplifting activity: Digging and planting in the garden, especially when it’s sunny. I find this soul healing and peaceful.

4.  My other favourite uplifting activity: putting on some great tunes and having a boogie with my little boy

5. What I do for fun: belly dancing. I love the physicalness, the music, the female camaraderie from fellow dancers…I love it all really. My life is not complete without dancing.

6. What nourishes me: my family – lying in bed with my son having a “chitter chatter” before we get up in the morning is heaven; and hanging out with my dear husband makes me supremely happy.

7. My favourite smell: freshly baked bread

8. What else nourishes me: reading. You name it books, blogs, the newspaper – I’m addicted to reading. My life would be a whole lot sadder if I couldn’t read a good book.

9. How I feel better: cooking always makes me feel better. I love creating new things, making food for the people I love and care about and then eating the results.

10. My guilty pleasure!: not sure I want to really out myself on this one ;-) But my true guilty embarrassing pleasure is watching Gossip Girl.

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