Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making lollipops

I thought I’d post how we made lollipops to take along to a birthday party last weekend. Little B cant eat normal lollipops as they have salicylates if they are fairly natural or soy lecithin if they are not.

I followed the method of Leela at She Simmers, combined with a recipe from Sue Dengate’s Fed Up with Food Additives book.

1 cup organic raw sugar
2/3 cup water
½ tsp citric acid
Dash of pureed pears for flavour

I didn’t use a candy thermometer (not something I have stashed in the kitchen) and will admit they I burned the sugar in my first batch and they tasted awful (Little B having never had a lollipop thought they were brilliant). Second batch I knew more or less what I was doing and had greater success. I also think induction stovetops are awful and hard to cook on so this contributes to successes and failures in the kitchen at the House of B.

We made them as flat lollipops on a greased metal tray using 1 tsp of mixture to create the circles. First using cut down paddlepop sticks to practice. Then proper lollipop sticks for our second batch. I wish I'd taken photos but time was of the essence (after the first batch tanked) and we had to get to the party :-)

But if it all looks too hard and you want to buy some pre-made the Little Lolly Shop makes failsafe lollipops here (no nasties).

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  1. You area saint! Thanks for posting this- will have to give it a go... whether I do it now or in a month or so when the baby fog has settled... all depends on when I pop!! xo m.