Saturday, July 24, 2010

I want to love me just as I am

I’m really taken by this challenge uniting mama bloggers over at Shakti Mama, Childhood Magic and Twig and Toadstool. It’s also come at a time when I’ve been thinking quite inwardly about these issues.

I quite simply hate photos of myself, more so since Little B was born. I’ve battled with so many health issues since his birth (both his and mine) that I feel all photos of me are just a documentary journey of how tired and worn out one can look. And with my massive unwanted weight loss this year – now when I see a photo I think “hmm skeletal lollipop”…sorry check that “really really tired skeletal lollipop”.

But I love this idea of taking real unaltered photos and our acceptance of self – at all ages, stages, on our journey through life.

Like others, my husband is my #1 fan and makes me feel beautiful no matter what I look like or what I’m wearing. My son is #2 and tells me I’m “so cute” all the time and that he loves me. And last but not least, my mum is my #3 fan and loves me in all my stages – thanks mum J And you know that should be good enough for me.

I love my inner self so now I need to work harder at loving my outside self. I don’t mind aging, and am getting used to grey hair when it shows since I stopped dyeing my hair (that’s when I know it’s time to reapply the henna LOL).

So this is me:

Does putting up this photo make me uncomfortable? You betcha – on so many levels…because I have to look at it, because I don’t feel beautiful, because I’m scared the outside world will judge my appearance…..but as ShaktiMama has said

I want to be bold for the camera.  I want to think I am worth this photograph.  I want to love me just as I am”.

So join in the challenge from Twig & Toadstool:

“here's the challenge...let's see the real YOU!!!   Mamas let's unite in radical self blog, one photo at a time!   If it scares you, then do it anyways...and let's start a discussion on why it's so scary in the first place.  I urge you to look at that woman in the mirror, with her heart so full and ask yourself, "is she really so bad"? - Maureen


  1. I am so happy you have decided to join us in these portrait photos. I know how it feels to put these pics out for the world to see. I actually cried after posting these photos of myself today because I was so overwhelmed!!! What silliness, I know.
    I love your picture, I see a naturally pretty woman with a sweet, kind and honest face.
    Thank you for getting real!!!!!!

  2. It's been so wonderful to join in with this challenge and meet such beautiful, inspiring mamas.
    I see a kind, shining, beautiful, woman in your portrait.

  3. I love the new hairstyle. You look gorgeous. Which is, I know, not the point. But it remains true. :)