Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am so annoyed....

I am so annoyed this evening. After picking Little B's kindy because of it's eco-credentials they have gone and done something really dumb. Over the school holidays they painted the entire inside of the kindy....in toxic high VOC paint.

Luckily, both the kindy teacher and assistant called me yesterday and today to warn me. As did another mother who had gone in yesterday to do some fundraising work. I went down this afternoon to check it out (read smell) for myself.

The smell knocks you over before you even walk through the door. Now with a child with multiple chemical sensitivities, this means that Little B will be unable to attend kindy for pretty much all of Term 3 :-(

So this afternoon has been a mad scramble to see if he can get in anywhere else for the term (no mean feat). We are off to view one kindy tomorrow in the vain hope it will be suitable. Otherwise, we will just join another playgroup, do some fun classes and play.

But tonight I feel victimised, frustrated and angry. You wouldn't catch people painting walls with peanuts or eggs, but chemical sensitivities are viewed as fish slapping escapades.


  1. Arrrhhhh,

    That would have to be so very frustrating. That stuff make people that aren't particularly sensitive sick. To have his budding friendships broken up like this let alone the insane feat that finding a replacement space is going to be, if anything is available at all.

    I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts and sending positive energy your way that this works out the best for both you and LittleB.

    Kind Regards

    P.s. Will more than understand if you need to drop out of our plans.

  2. Thanks Belinda,

    I'm doing the mad scramble and hoping to still catch up on Friday. Will keep you posted!! :-)

  3. That is so wrong! Low VOC paints are readily avaialable and dont cost any extra. I'd be so so mad!! Good luck finding a new kindy.

  4. I would be very angry and upset too. Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise - who knows what will come of it?