Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Update

Our garden is looking a little sad at the moment. Or should I say empty. I didn’t plan enough in planting for winter, so we have harvested all of our pak choy.

Our brussel sprouts are still growing well as are the beetroot, broad beans and leeks. We are working our way through the lettuce (though there is an end in sight there too).

Next year I’ll be much more organised I think. This was our first serious attempt at a winter garden, but it has been successful with what we planted. I just need to plant lots more of it.

A job for the weekend

I also hit a snag with our fruit trees. As this is our first winter in the new House of B, we have discovered that parts of our backyard become a quagmire with lots of rain. Unfortunately those parts were where we intended to plant our fruit trees. So back to the drawing board - we need to sort out drainage first before planting so will wait until next year.

But our new summer veggie beds should go in soon. We’ve worked out where they are going, and next step is to purchase the eco-wood sleepers so Mr B can build them. I’m very excited!! I’ve already started planning what we want to plant and when. Hopefully we should have 5 veggie beds going this spring / summer!!

Watch this space…. 

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  1. We've always struggled with a winter garden too. We are in our second year of a serious winter crop and there are still things we haven't got quite right. Vegies grow soooo slowly in winter - it drives us crazy! We are already looking at the Diggers catalogue for our next buying spree of seeds for spring/summer. There are some new variety of tomatoes that look exciting:)

    We also put in eco wood last year to raise our two garden beds (no, not 5!) and it was very satisfying to go eco.