Thursday, May 6, 2010


Let me preface this post, by saying that I’m blessed that I have a husband and son who will pretty much eat anything. Little B will eat most things offered and at least try them happily. Mr B will eat anything (even if it tastes like rubbish).

So today I was experimenting with one of our normal cookie recipes – trialling some sugar alternatives and different seeds. Looked fine in the bowl, but as they were cooking, I thought to myself “they look like super flat anzac biscuits” but smell a bit funny.

Well, coming out of the oven, they still smelt a tad odd. I gave them to my taste testers to try. Little B takes one bite and hands it back (we should have taken a photo, I’m sure he’ll never hand a cookie back in my lifetime again) and says “tastes funny, like farts”. Mr B eats a few and admits defeat and hands them over for the compost bin (another photo op).

Not present for Little B’s opinion, he then goes on to tell me they smell like “farts” and taste really weird.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen….fart cookies – coming to a store near you ;-)


  1. LOL I wonder how many people will want that recipe? Fart cookies - that is so funny!

  2. I have had so many whoopses!!! But never heard of anything like this! You could sell them I bet! As a joke gift! :)

  3. very funny- i did a similar thing yesterday. Mine taste OK, but are falling apart. I tried to make apple oatmeal cinnamon cookies and didn't add enough flour i guess because they just fall apart when you tr yto pick them up. Live and learn! xo m.