Thursday, May 6, 2010

Come dance with me

We went to the most gorgeous free form dance class for 3 year olds on Tuesday. Little B had an absolute blast and I was the only mum who left with a crying child, who was crying because he didn’t want the dancing to be over J

I’ve been dancing for the last 13 years and prior to having Little B it was the most fundamental aspect to my identity. I started off with a short interlude with ballroom dancing then progressed to tango, flamenco and my true home, belly dancing. Due to a traumatic birth, I’ve been unable to get back into dancing for the last 3.5 years. But I started again recently and it’s like coming home. I adore it and it really gives me freedom of self.

Little B loves dancing too and is intent on being a tap dancer (don’t ask me where that comes from? I blame Play School LOL). So we’ve tried a few different pre-school type dance classes without much success. Today we found a teacher who instils joy first and foremost. These young boys and girls were immersed in the music and the songs, and didn’t realise that they were warming up. Just that they were dancing. It was a balm to my soul to see him so happy.

Now I don’t mind if Little B doesn’t want to dance, but it’s interesting that he seems to have picked up some of the key fundamentals of both Mr B and I. For me it’s dancing, reading, music and gardening, from Mr B is more mechanical – how things work, come apart, tools to use and machines J And obviously he has his own interests too, but its lovely to see the passing on of interests and passions as he develops his own.

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  1. Sounds like fun- so nice to be able to reconnect with a part of yourself that sometimes gets lost. That's the way I feel about singing. xo m.