Thursday, May 27, 2010

Days for Cooking

I read a book recently written by an Italian woman, who in turn was writing about her mother and grandmother. Their approach to cooking was to have a day that they made their weekly bread and a day that they made their weekly pasta.

I love this idea. I might adopt it myself as we make at a minimum 2-3 loaves a week, plus rolls, muffins, biscuits, pasta sauces, soups, jams etc that we need to have on hand at any one point in time. It would be nice to plan ahead for specific days, to free up some of our other days.

To give you an idea of a random cooking week at the House of B (outside of dinner):
  • Sun -- Loaf of Bread, Vat of soup, Pumpkin pasta sauce
  • Mon -- Muffins, Custard
  • Tues -- Gnocchi, Stewed Pears and subsequent Pear Icypoles
  • Wed -- Batch of rolls, loaf of bread, baked beans, custard
  • Thur -- Biscuits, Sausage rolls
  • Fri -- Custard
  • Sat -- Loaf of bread

Of course this doesn’t include the weeks that I make jam, cordial, or anything bigger and more time consuming.

We recently swapped upright freezers with Granny B, so that she had the little one and we have the big one. Our predominant reason for this was so that I could bulk cook and freeze things like bread to have on hand.

At the moment, all the constant cooking is fine but it’s a process that would easily fall down should I fall sick or something else gets thrown into the mix (something my recent broken nose has made me seriously think about). Having a child with multiple food allergies means that we cant just duck down to the shops and buy something to eat.

So onwards with the bulk cooking methinks!!

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