Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garden Update

Well the garden has been booming along. We finally pulled out the cherry tomato plants though they were still flowering. But there’s just not enough sun for any of the tomatoes to ripen. Plus it has freed up space to plant some other vegies.

We are still getting lots of beans, and have started harvesting our mix of pak choy and bok choy. I use pak choy in a variety of ways but my favourite during autumn and winter is to add it to soups. I also love to add mung bean sprouts to soup as well during winter (yummy) and they grow so easily on our window sill.

Our peas are fruiting already :-0

Some of my carrots are growing and some have been eaten by some sneaky baby snails (ggrrrr, aarrrgghh). But I’ve planted some more to compensate. I will not admit defeat LOL.

And we have some autumn lettuce. I had sowed some seeds straight into the garden bed awhile back and then forgotten what they were before I could write up labels. But yay they have finally grown big enough for us to see what they are *giggle*.

We’ve also got lots of strawberries growing – none are ready to harvest just yet but I cant wait to eat them…yummy!!

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