Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preparing for winter

With the nights getting cooler, I’ve started our normal preparations for winter.

We have aired out the woollen underlay’s and put them on our beds. I’ve also washed all our winter linen and put Little B’s winter sheets on his bed (they are a heavy organic cotton much akin to calico sheets).

I’ve aired out our jumpers and winter jackets, and dug out all Little B’s winter clothes. We’ve had to be a bit creative clothing-wise as the house is so cold. But it’s all about layers here at the House of B and putting Little B in a tracksuit to sleep in was sheer genius LOL.

We also have lots of snugly blankets to cuddle up with when reading or watching tv at night. My favourite is an ancient mohair blanket, whereas Mr B prefers something with polar fleece on the back to keep him warm. There’s definitely something romantic about snuggling up in blankets, when it’s dark and chilly outside.

I’m also getting more serious about my knitting. I’ve done my wrist warmers and have moved onto a scarf for Little B. He’s all set for winter with beanies and gloves, but he loves a good scarf and he came with me to pick the wool J

Finally, Mr B is going to put in some insulation batts underneath the floors of the bedrooms to stop some of the cold coming up from underneath in those rooms at night. We also hope to put insulation in the roof sometime during the next 12 months.

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