Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Update

I have carrots!! J We put copper around the edge of the vegie beds and lo and behold, the deadly snails have left the building. Now begins the battle with cabbage moths and caterpillars. I spent ages on Saturday squashing caterpillar eggs on all my pak choy mix. But soon I will start using organic garlic spray to keep the buggies at bay.

We have also dug over two of the summer vegie beds and put in lots of mixed manure and compost. Topped off with mulch we will leave these beds to rot down nicely over winter, in preparation for spring. In a few months, I will repeat the process so they develop nice rich earth.

We are still planting progressively for our winter garden and have had some really good growth.

The pak choy

Lovely new broad beans

Our cherry tomatoes are flowering again :-o

I’ve also been working heavily on the beds that I want to plant bare rooted fruit trees this winter. I’m trying to kill off all the grass, and improve the soil, so they can go into the ground at the start of June.

At the moment we have settled on a plum tree, an avocado tree, a few horseradish trees (which are edible and good for wood) and an elder tree (for the flowers and the fruit). Once the gardens are more established over the next 12 months, we hope to add some more fruit trees and a pistachio tree for Mr B.


  1. It all looks lovely and green and full of delicious potential! I hope I have a veggie garden like you one day. xo m.

  2. Looks great. What's with the cherry tomato flowering again?! I think it's having an identity crisis.