Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bathroom Cleaning

In keeping with our green ethos, I only use toxic-free products when cleaning our house. The key things are vinegar, bicarb soda, microfiber cloths and a home-made house cleaner. These keep everything sparkly and clean.

Bicarb is good for cleaning grout and together bicarb, vinegar and microfiber cloths are good at cleaning everything from toilet seats, benches and the bath (obviously not in that order LOL). But I was still having some trouble in the bathroom. The new house wasn’t kept clean before we lived here, and in some cases the dirt was very deeply ingrained (especially in the showers and toilets).

So I decided to try liquid Castile soap. Armed with nothing else other than a scrubbing brush, I went hard at the dirt. And the Castile soap was amazing. Cleaned it all away with no fuss. The grout is sparkling white again as are the toilets. I am in love with this as a cleaner now, especially since you can get it unfragranced.

So now between liquid Castile Soap and our household cleaner, I feel like I have all bases covered in the cleaning arena.

Home-made Household Cleaner

200mls vinegar
1 litre of water
40mls dishwashing detergent (I use Ecostore)
2 tbsps washing soda (also known as electric soda)

I just mix together in the order listed, give it a shake and then decant into spray bottles as required.

This is a great all purpose cleaner – cleans toilets, stainless steel, mirrors – you name it. It’s also really cheap to make, which is an added bonus J

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