Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cheeky Check-up

Pic courtesy of Beyond Breast Cancer

On Good Friday, I had the misfortune to find a lump in my breast. After a very long and worry full Easter weekend, I began the roller coaster that revolves around breast lumps and their infamous potential.

First up the GP, then a mammogram and an ultrasound…. I’ll be the first to say a mammogram is uncomfortable (unless you like your boobs being squished between two plates LOL) but not nearly as fearsome as some people make them out to be.

Now I’m lucky, it turned out to only be a calcified duct. Nothing needs to be done for this and it will re-absorb with time. I was also told that I have fibrocystic breasts – which just means I have a particular dense type of breast tissue that is actually fairly common amongst women. It also means that I need to keep an eye on myself and rush straight to the doc should anything like this happen again. There is a very very small risk that a lump could be breast cancer.

But I heartily recommend monthly breast self-checks no matter how young you are. I’m only 32 but it shows you that anything can happen and we should all take the first responsibility of caring for our body and our health. Cheeky check-up is a cute little website that tells you how to go about it.

After all the stress, Mr B decide to spoil me…. now for some people that’s chocolate or ice cream…but for me it’s a DVD full of Chuck Bass ;-)


  1. Great and informative post. Thanks for being so candid about your experience. xo m.

  2. Just back from holidays with the family (mmm...won't be doing that a while again. Hard word with young children).
    I'm so glad to hear it all turned out okay for you. It would have been a horrid wait.

  3. I'm very glad it all worked out OK.

    Thanks for the reminder :-)