Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

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Before Little B was born I was a HUGE movie buff. I absolutely loved the cinema, and could talk about movies, genres, directors, actors and loved chatting to my brother about movies & dialogue we had seen and loved. I even scored my dream job at the time and put myself through university working at the cinemas (in the days where you scooped the ice cream and made the choctops between sessions). This sort of fell to the side when Little B was born and is not something I’ve fallen back into though I do try to see the occasional DVD.

So what to do yesterday when I woke up with a raging sore throat, a cold and a migraine. First up Little B and I climbed back into bed with Mr B where we lay chatting and listening to Winnie the Pooh on audiobook (read waited for the painkillers and coffee to kick in).

Then Mr B decided Mothers Day could come just a little bit early. It was a group effort including Granny B but last night Mr B took me out to the movies to see The Avengers. I’m a massive Joss Whedon fan and this movie didn’t disappoint.

Today we celebrated Mothers Day with our mums with flower bulbs, rose bushes and home-made kindy presents (the best kind of mothers day present if you ask me). So I’m feeling loved up and appreciated at this particular point in time. Not to mention stuffed as a goog with lovely winter casseroles and cakey crumbly desserts.

So Happy Mothers Day to all the mum’s out there – you do a fabulous job!! xx

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