Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Digging for Change

There have been so many amazingly positive posts to read around the web at the moment (like here and here and here). I love that people are so excited about making changes and making a difference to “humanity” (Bec and Gavin say) as well as themselves and their lives.

Here at the House of B we have been digging for change ;-) We have been digging out a base for our new 5000L water tank, digging out and over old veggie beds and digging out and putting in the pole for our new solar tracker. We’ve been getting earthy and downright grotty digging deep in the mud. And I’ve loved it…it feels like we are moving forward to the house we’d like to live in (now if only it was on 10 acres or so).

We hope from this to have another solar source, some beds ready to plant for spring and a water tank to plumb our toilet and washing machine into.

Next up we hope to trim the tops of the trees that are blocking the sun to our vegie beds in late autumn/winter and put in 3 new vegie beds before spring...I forsee lots more digging in my future!! LOL

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  1. Great work, you guys deserve a rewarding home-making experience!